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Who Is This Course For?

• Designers, All Levels & Interests
• Students & Educators*
• Sales & Marketing Performers
• Brand Managers & Team Leaders
• Entrepreneurs & Startups

This course gives you the fast-track, an inside look at the creative process used by New York brand agency R.BIRD to build hundreds of winning brands.

This is a great opportunity for designers of all experience levels. Add some new ideas to your creative toolkit.

It's the perfect way for non-designers, too, to understand how to build a winning brand quickly and get to the finish line with confidence.

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Your Course Leader

  • Richard Bird

    President, R.BIRD

    Richard Bird

    Founder of R.BIRD, the New York design consulting firm, its founder with more than 40 years of experience in Brand Identity, Corporate Identity, Packaging Design, Innovation and Corporate Communications.

    R.BIRD developed the unique and proprietary process, "PROCEDE," that systematically delivers innovative and actionable results.

    This process has developed and delivered hundreds of brands for thousands of products and services across corporate and consumer categories, reaping $millions and $billions ROI for its clients.

Course Curriculum

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  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Welcome to Procede® - How To Build A Winning Brand
  • 2
    Procede® Foundations
    • What is Procede® ?
    • The benefits of Procede® and Process
    • 9 Principles for Greater Possibilities
  • 3
    Procede® Phase One: Simplify & Understand
    • Simplify the Brief
    • Understand the Customer
    • Ask Why - 5 Times
    • Understand the Marketplace
  • 4
    Procede® Phase Two: Expand & Discover
    • Expand Keywords & Reveal Context
    • Discover New Areas of Opportunity
    • Clarify the Brand Voice
  • 5
    Procede® Phase Three: Results & Decision
    • Supercharged Creativity
    • The "Bird's Eye View"
    • Presentation
    • Getting to The One

Learn Simply

Supercharge your creative thinking.

Learn a suite of easy-to-understand, ideation exercises to jumpstart creative thinking, clarify goals, understand customers, explore the marketplace, and build brand language and strategy.
Learn Simply <br>Step-by-Step

Deliver Extraordinary Results

One Person or a Team of 20

The Procede® methods reliably produce surprising, relevant and actionable results with ordinary resources.
Deliver Extraordinary Results

How it Works

• Bite-sized, on-demand videos
• Less than 2 hours, total
• Downloadable slides and transcripts
• Learn on your own time

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You will learn the very same process used to build winning brands for companies like these:

  • Avon
  • Bic
  • Gillette
  • unilever
  • whirlpool

What people say about the results delivered with Procede:

International CPG


International CPG

"This has even greater potential as a strategic tool... even before the practical aspects of design begin."
Snack Food Startup


Snack Food Startup

"Competitors will have reason to be concerned!"

Brand Designer


"Why -oh, why- didn't I see this sooner?!"

Procede® Will Make You
The Hero!

  • Reduce internal conflicts
  • Defeat indecision
  • Build project momentum
  • Turn frustration into motivation
  • Get things done with confidence

  • Brand Clarity. Build a more focused marketing message.

  • Strategic Options. Discover up to 3 opportunities to better position your brand.

  • Actionable Results. Brand Clarity. Strategic Options. Real Concepts.

  • Supercharge Creativity. Achieve extraordinary results with ordinary resources. Never start with a blank sheet of paper.

  • Selling Environment. There’s a visual code. Learn how to break it down, leverage it or disrupt it.

  • Getting to the One. Simple tools help make decision-making easier and more objective.

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